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Wealth Management in Italy

Wealth Management in Italy

Wealth management represents an investment instrument incorporating financial planning services and investment portfolio managementWealth management is employed by small business owners and high profile companies in Italy. Our lawyers in Italy can provide wealth management advice on the best investment opportunities.

Our wealth management services include:

  • –          estate planning,
  • –          legal possibilities,
  • –          tax solutions,
  • –          investment management.

Private wealth management in Italy, provided by an Italian law firm

Private wealth management services are available in Italy for high profile investors. Our law firm in Italy can provide them the best means and advice on the stock options they have, the hedge funds they can invest in and the best banking options available in the country at the moment. We can also provide clients with tax minimization solutions in order to increase their profits. We can offer tailored market sizing and competitive analysis on the markets in Italy new investors want to address and we can also conceive market growth strategies.

Financial solutions for wealth management in Italy

Our Italian law firm can provide top financial strategies to high net worth clients. We can recommend investment portfoliosinternal and external funds, deposits, cash management and portfolio management. We will carefully listen to our clients’ demands and expectations, analyze their financial background based on which we will draft the wealth management strategy. We can also provide brokerage services by introducing them to all major brokers in Italy.

The taxation system in Italy

Our clients must be familiar with the Italian taxation system when seeking wealth management services. Italian residents are levied taxes on the worldwide income and gains at rates ranging between 23% and 43%. Incomes made from real estate properties are also taxed in Italy. Incomes made from receiving or distributing dividends by qualified shareholders benefit from 50% tax exemption in Italy, while the remaining dividends will be subject to a progressive tax rate. Dividends from non-qualified shareholders will be levied a 20% withholding tax. Incomes made from life insurance policies are exempt from taxation in Italy, but interests and capital gains are taxed with 20%

Our Italian lawyers can provide customized wealth management solutions. You can also contact us for any information regarding taxes or provisions of the Commercial Code in Italy.