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Employment Contracts in Italy

Employment Contracts in Italy

The foreign entrepreneurs who want to hire employees for their companies in Italy should know a few details about the types of contracts they may conclude and the local regulations regarding working conditions in this country.

The investors must be aware of the complex bureaucracy in the employment field and, if they want to get rid of all the hassle, they may contact an Italian lawyer who will handle the entire procedures. The attorneys in Italy know very well all the regulations related to employment and how a contract should be concluded.

A foreign company who wants to hire Italian workers for its business activity in Italy is required to open a branch in this country. Foreign investors may open also other types of firms, such as limited liability companies or joint stock companies, in order to hire employees.

Apprenticeship contracts for young people

Besides regular employment contracts, there are apprenticeship ones, which are specially created for hiring young people who will benefit from professional training at the job and who will obtain a qualification. The main advantage for employers is the fact that they will pay low wages and benefit from the incentives offered by the Italian authorities.

The employer is required to maintain at least half of the apprentices after they finish their period of training and to offer them employment contracts, such as those of the rest of the employees. If the employer doesn’t respect this provision of the law, he will not be allowed anymore to hire apprentices.

Permanent and temporary contracts

The most common type of employment contract is the permanent one, which is written and contains details about the wage, the activities that the employee must perform, the working hours, holidays etc. This type of contract is concluded on an indefinite period of time and it must be signed only by employees who are at least 15 years old.

For a certain category of employees, the entrepreneurs can use the temporary contracts that are concluded for maximum 36 months and, if it is necessary, they can be extended.

Other type of employment contract is the supply one for employees hired through a work agency that signed a contract with the employer and another one with the worker. The supply contract can be signed on an indefinite or definite period of time.

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