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Open a FMCG Company in Italy

Open a FMCG Company in Italy

The fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector is steadily developing in Italy, especially after 2015, the year in which the country achieved an economic recovery, after having experienced the effects of the European economic crisis. For example, in the first quarter of 2017, the largest growth of the FMCG sector was registered in the case of food products. Our team of lawyers in Italy can provide in-depth legal assistance on the main procedures concerning the registration of a FMCG business

Which are the most competitive FMCG products in Italy?  

Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy in the FMCG sector should first analyze the main types of products that are in demand on the Italian market. As food products experienced the highest growth rate (3.4% on a year to year basis, measured in April 2017), investors should know that this category was comprised of the following: 

  • food products categorized as natural and healthy, such as dried fruits, vitamin supplements and smoked salmon;
  • organic food products (registered an increase of 19.8% on a year to year basis – at the level of April 2017, reaching EUR 1,3 billion), such as whole meal products and gluten-free products;
  • fruits and vegetables, cold foods, bread and pastry and pet food sub-sector;
  • ready-made food products, such as soups, sushi and coffee capsules

The characteristics of the Italian FMCG market 

It is crucial to know the characteristics of the Italian FMCG market in order to succeed in this sector. Our team of Italian lawyers can advise businessmen on any aspect concerning the registration of a business in this industry which will require special permits and labelling authorisations depending on the nature of each product

However, it is also very important to know that the Italians are highly interested in purchasing food products from foreign countriesAmerican products being one of the main preferences. The local consumers also demand quality products that are healthy and innovative; businessmen may contact our law firm in Italy for in-depth information on any aspect related to the incorporation of a FMCG company.