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Trading in Italy

Trading in Italy

Italy is famous all around the world for its brands such as Versace, Prada, Alfa Romeo, Benetton and so on that are well-known for the high quality of the products that meet the highest standards. The most traded products from Italy are cars and machinery, even if in the last few years there was a significant decrease of the total volume of the trade. Nevertheless, the Italian economy has remained one of the strongest in the world, ranking the 8th in the world top economies for its exports.

Exports in Italy

The main products exported by Italy are:

–    auto vehicles,
–    clothing,
–    food & beverages,
–    transport equipment,
–    machinery etc.

The countries where Italy exports the most are: Germany, France, Spain, United Stated of America and United Kingdom.

The Italian imports have also decreased during the economic crises and the main economic partners of this country are: Germany, France, China, the Netherlands and Russia.

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Imports in Italy

Italy imports mainly:

–    engineering products,
–    clothing and textiles,
–    food, beverages & tobacco;
–    chemicals,
–    energy,
–    transport equipment etc.

Despite the economic crises, Italy had a trade surplus in august 2014, with a total value of over EUR 2,000 million. One month earlier, Italy recorded the highest peak of its balance of trade, at the value of EUR 6,920 million.

The top Italy’s partners for trade are Germany (with 12.6% of exports and 16.6% for imports) and France (with 11.5% of exports and 8.8% of imports). Germany is a historical partner for Italy since the World War II and both with France are members of the European Union and they have the same currency as Italy – euro.

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More information about trading in Italy are offered also by the Italian Trade Agency, a governmental organization which provide advice and support for foreign companies interested in doing business in Italy.