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Renewable Energy in Italy

Renewable Energy in Italy

Renewable energy in Italy is a sector in full development. According to the most recent statistics, a third of the electricity produced in this country is due to green resources. Many people are active in the field of energy and opt for a solar power station in Italy. We invite you to discover some information about developing a solar park in Italy, specifying that you have at your disposal the legal services offered by our Italian lawyers.

What is known about renewable energy sector in Italy?

Italy is an excellent geographically positioned country that allowed the development of renewable energy. There are many solar power stations in Italy, wind plants in Italy, as well as photovoltaic parks in Italy. As you may have guessed, sun, wind, and water are the main resources with which Italy produces renewable energy. Here are other interesting aspects of solar renewable energy in Italy:

  • On the first place in the list are hydroelectric power plants in Italy, followed by photovoltaic plants in Italy, mainly in the southern part of the country.
  • Wind plants in Italy are found especially in regions such as Sardinia, Sicily, Campania, Puglia, Basilicata, etc.
  • The Italian authorities want to achieve the objectives proposed by the Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan by the end of 2030.
  • The most recent data indicate that around 7,776 municipalities in Italy have at least one renewable energy plant in proportion to 100%.
  • Around 7,223 regions in Italy have solar heating plants, while over 3,616 produce their energy with the help of bioenergy systems implemented.
  • There are over 5,000 wind power plants in Italy at the moment.

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Forecast about renewable energy in Italy

According to estimates, it seems that the total energy produced with the help of wind plants in Italy will double in the next decade. An increase in maximum deliverable energy of 11 to 19 gigawatts is also expected, according to the same estimates. Growth is expected in this sector and globally, until 2040, when the energy provided by wind plants will be the number one renewable source available. More about wind parks in Italy can be discussed with our team of experts.

There was an increase in the number of photovoltaic plants in Italy in recent years

The photovoltaic plants in Italy represent one-twelfth of the total renewable energy in Italy, with a notable increase in recent years. Solar energy transformed with the help of conventional photovoltaic panels can be found in abundance in Italy, as well as solar heating systems that use heat water to exploit solar radiation. Photovoltaic panels are mainly used in transport, and industrial equipment, among others.

Trends in renewable energy in Italy

As it was said at the beginning of the article, the renewable energy sector in Italy is in full development. Progress is being made on all fronts and power plants’ efficiency continues to improve from year to year. Moreover, technology is rising at a fast pace in this sector, offering the possibility of developing solar/wind/photovoltaic plants in Italy without complexities.

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