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Hiring Employees in Italy

Hiring Employees in Italy

Italy is chosen by many foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in opening a business because it offers important business opportunities and it is in the top ten largest economies in the world. Foreign citizens who set up companies in Italy often hire local employees and they have, at their disposal, a large workforce composed of well trained and skilled workers. The population of Italy is one of the largest in Europe, with over 60 million inhabitants, and the country benefits from a strategic location and a flexible economy, based on small and medium companies.

Any foreign entrepreneur who considers hiring Italian employees must know the main regulations related to employment in this country. He may read the Italian laws or he may contact an Italian attorney who will offer legal consultancy for hiring employees according to the local legislation. The main laws regarding the employment and the rights and obligations of the employees and employers are: the Constitution, the Civil Code and national labor collective agreements.

Types of employment contracts in Italy

Employers and employees are allowed to conclude certain types of employment contracts in Italy, as follows: contracts for a definite period of time and for an indefinite period (which are the most common type). No matter what type of employment contract you choose, it must be concluded in writing and it will include certain information about:

–    starting date,
–    job title,
–    where the employee will work,
–    legal holidays
–    the salary,
–    working hours etc.

The wage every worker is entitled to is decided by both employee and employer and there is no minimum amount set for the entire country. An employee is required to work at least 40 hours per week for a full time job and the employees who want to work more will receive an additional payment, according to the number of hours exceeding the limit of 40.

Buying a property in Italy involves a pre-sale agreement that is normally drawn up when the respective property is in order and there are no disputes. Once the payment amount is established upon signing this document, the parties involved can then proceed to the sale-purchase agreement, signed in front of the public notary. If you cannot be present at this moment, our lawyers can represent you with a power of attorney.

The foreign entrepreneurs who need more information about the hiring conditions and other employment issues may contact our lawyers in Italy. Legal consultancy for employment contracts and other business related matters is provided by our law firm in Italy.