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Company Due Diligence in Italy

Company Due Diligence in Italy

If you are a foreign entrepreneur interested in doing business in Italy, no matter if you already are the owner of a company established in this country or you intend to open a firm, you will need due diligence services provided by specialists who know very well the business environment in Italy and the Italian legislation and procedures.

There are some issues you must clarify before opening a business or signing a contract with your business partners in Italy. You should find out a few things, such as:

–    if your business partner/s has/have a good reputation,
–    if they use to pay their debts on time,
–    if their business is controlled by them or other entities with a “dark” past,
–    if the business or contract you want to conclude is legal etc.

For foreign investors it is difficult to find out such information, so they are advised to contact a local specialist who may be a business consultant or an Italian lawyer. They will provide an in-depth research about the companies or businessmen you are interested in and, after you study that document, you will be able to take a decision wittingly.

Sometimes you have to decide very fast in order not to lose an important business opportunity. If you are not sure about the legality of the decision, especially when it concerns the legislation from a foreign country, you should contact an attorney in Italy who will help you operate in accordance with the Italian laws.

Buying a property in Italy is an uncomplicated process, especially if you benefit from legal services offered by our specialists. We are here to guide you from a legal point of view, in this endeavor, and the necessary documents for the desired purchase have been prepared. We can also explain what real estate due diligence is and how it can be carried out. So, contact our Italian lawyers to discover the legal services you need in this matter.

What is the importance of due diligence in Italy

Before starting any risky business in a foreign environment, it is advisable to take into consideration the due diligence services provided by local specialists. They will help you avoid concluding a damaging contract or opening a business that may ruin you or starting a partnership with persons with a bad reputation. You will avoid a lot of problems in the future, if you know more about your partners and the specific of the business from the beginning.

The due diligence services are useful especially when you intend to buy a company or a business in Italy or merge your business with a local one.

A reliable source of information for Italian companies

A few basic information about an Italian company you may find out from the European Business Register which offers online details about companies registered in Europe. The distributor for the information in Italy is InfoCamere. The entity responsible for gathering all the information related to Italian companies is the local Chamber of Commerce in every region. In Italy, there are registered over six million companies, most of them individual companies.

The video below offers a short presentation on the verification of an Italian company:

The entrepreneurs who want online information directly from the source can go to registroimprese.it, a service provided by the Chamber of Commerce. On this website there are a lot of data from: the Trade Register, the Register of Protests, the patent and trademark database.

This service offers access to the database of the Chamber of Commerce for the entrepreneurs, companies, freelance professionals and other categories of citizens who are interested in different kind of information, such as the reliability of the business partners, shareholders and other businessmen. This system is available since 1996, according to the Civil Code.

The jurisdiction of the Trade Register

There are Trade Registers at every Chamber of Commerce, every entity has a regional jurisdiction and it is managed by the local Chamber of Commerce.

If you need to know more about the due diligence services provided by our law firm in Italy, you may contact our lawyers in Italy. They will help you with precious information about the Italian legislation related to the business you want to develop in this country and the business environment.