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Environmental Law in Italy

Environmental Law in Italy

The Environmental Code in Italy covers the main regulations for environmental protection in the country and is in line with the European laws and principles regarding pollution or sustainable development.

Italian companies that operate in various business fields must pay attention to this Code and obtain the right permits for functioning. The main agencies in charge with environmental control are the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Environment and other local health authorities.

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Special permits for environmental protection in Italy

The Italian Ministry of the Environment or the authorities in the province or region where the business operates issue the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) authorizations (valid for 10-12 years). The Sole Environmental Licenses in Italy are valid for 15 years and there are no special restrictions on the transfer of these authorizations.

Regulations for water and air pollution in Italy

Italy imposes strict regulations for the disposal of waste water. The authorization to perform such actions is issued by the province where the company or factory is located and subsoil discharges are prohibited. Companies in Italy that do not comply with the regulatory regime for water pollution can face criminal and administrative sanctions. Those who discharge certain dangerous substances face imprisonment from two months to two years.

Permits and licenses are also needed in Italy for operations that qualify as air polluters. Air emission authorizations and Sole Environmental Licenses are necessary for certain businesses and they must be renewed accordingly. 

Waste disposal is either regulated according to the IPPC authorization or through other regimes. Special waste must be delivered accordingly to a third party that handles waste management. The transport, recovery, disposal or inter-mediation of waste is to be performed only with the required permits and authorizations.

Italy also has national targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energy (wind power) or energy efficiency. According to EU Directives, greenhouse gas emission is controlled and factories, power plants and other installations in Italy must observe the legal limits.

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