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Importing and exporting in Italy

Importing and exporting in Italy

The main trading partner for Italy is represented by Germany, a country that ranks on the first place for both the imports and exports activities. Companies that are trading in Italy should also apply for an Italian EORI numberExports in Germany represent 12% of the entire Italian exports. Germany is followed by France, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Spain and Switzerland in the top of main export destinations for Italy. Foreign businessmen who are interested to receive more details on the trading activities carried out by Italy can address to our team of Italian lawyers for assistance.

Exports from Italy

Foreign investors who want to open a company in Italy in the field of trading should that the main products exported by the state are the following: 

•  refined petroleum;

• medicines;

•  vehicle parts;

•  machines, engines and pumps;

•  gems and precious metals.

The top products imported in Italy are the following: crude petroleum, petroleum gas, cars, medicines and refined petroleum. 

The main products that are traded by Italian companies are cars and machinery, as well as many other products, from the well-known brands, which address to high-end consumers.

The Italian trade decreased during the economic crises, but the same economic situation was encountered in many states, including emerging and developed economies from all over the world. It is important to know that the level of imports improved at the beginning of 2016. 

Among the goods exported by Italy, the most important products are: clothing, food and beverages, motor vehicles, production machinery. A relevant product in terms of exports is represented by energy – approximately 3.431 billion kWh of electricity per year.

Italian exports developed for many partners; for example, the Italian exports to Belgium improved by 21,5% during the last four years; our team of Italian attorneys can offer more details in this sense.

Buying a property in Italy is a straightforward process that can be explained to you by our local attorneys. The documents of the chosen property can be checked in detail, after which they will deal with the sale-purchase contract. Our specialists can also collaborate with the relevant authorities to see if the chosen property is in order from a legal point of view. We invite you to discuss all legal aspects with one of our Italian lawyers.

Imports in Italy

The imports have also decreased during the economic crises, but the current situation has improved. An important aspect in this sense is that at the beginning of 2016, the level of imports increased at a fast pace.

Italy is a high industrialized country and the main products exported are produced by its industry. The main economic sectors in Italy are represented by manufacturing and services. At the moment, Italy is the ninth most important economy in the world, but the state is highly dependent of oil imports from its trading partners. 

The main import partners for Italy are member-states of the European Union – France and Germany. 

The main products imported by Italy are the following: 

• fuel; 

• metals;

• chemical; 

• transportation products;

• food and beverages;

• tobacco. 

Foreign entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in a trading company with import-export activities in Italy may contact our Italian lawyers for details. Our law firm in Italy offers legal services for international clients who need to open a business in this country; at the same time, our lawyers can assist with presentations of the main corporate taxes and business licenses necessary for trading activities. We can also help you if you want to obtain golden visa in a country where you want to start a business.