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Drafting Contracts in Italy

Drafting Contracts in Italy

Contracts in Italy have to be drafted following the regulations available under the Italian Contract Law. This rule is applicable regardless of the type of the contract signed by a natural person or a legal entity, When drafting a contract in Italy, the parties involved should make sure that the respective document offers the necessary provisions stipulated under the Italian legislation and it is advisable to receive legal assistance from our Italian lawyers

What is a contract in Italy?  

A contract in Italy represents a written legal document which is signed by two parties (natural persons or business forms, as well as combinations between these  two) with the purpose of obliging each other to respect a set of stipulations mentioned in the respective agreement

The parties may also establish their own terms when drafting the contact, as long as the provisions respect the applicable legislation in Italy.  

In any contract, there has to be a proposal and the acceptance of that proposal, in which case the contract can be signedOur team of lawyers in Italy can offer more details on the  main aspects that must be included in any Italian contract

Types of contracts in Italy  

The Italian Civil Code recognizes a wide range of contacts. Foreign investors who want to open a company in Italy will need to conclude various types of contracts, a part of them having a commercial purpose and these are concluded with other business partners, while the other part could refer to the company’s employees

Companies operating in Italy will also need to sign a sale of goods contract, as long as the business operations of the company refer to the manufacturing or trade of various goods and products. 

The employment legislation in Italy stipulates that between an employer and an employee there must be concluded an employment contract, which can be established on a short or a long-term period. 

When selling a property in Italy, the parties will need to conclude a sale/purchase contract, which will establish the transfer of ownership. 

Persons, who are interested in relocating in Italy for a determined period of time, will need to rent an apartment, in which case, they should sign a housing agreement with a local landlord. 

There are other types of contracts, regulating other legal aspects, and both local and foreign persons are invited to contact our Italian law firm for advice or assistance on this matter.