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Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Italy

Obtain a Marriage Certificate in Italy

Foreign citizens can get married in Italy and the marriage procedure depends on the nationality of the applicants. Any marriage in Italy is registered through a marriage certificate, which is recorded by the Registrar of Vital Statistics. In order to obtain a marriage certificate in Italy, the applicants are required to submit a set of information related to the legal statute and our team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal assistance on the procedure. 

Marriage Certificates in Italy  

The marriage certificate is the main legal document through which the validity of a marriage is certificated in Italy. Such documents are issued at the Civil Registry Office, which validates the respective union. 

All marriage certificates in Italy are maintained at the Registrar of Vital Statistics, which provides relevant information on all marriages in Italy back to the 1900s, for those who want to obtain marriage certificates of their ancestors, which can be necessary for various legal procedures. Our team of Italian lawyers can offer more details on how to receive information on this matter. 

Apply for an Italian marriage certificate 

Persons getting married in Italy and who want to obtain a marriage certificate will need to submit a set of documents required by the Italian authorities, in the region in which the marriage will take place. 

In the case of foreign citizens who want to get married in Italy, the Italian legislation requires them to submit a set of documents, as presented below: 

• valid ID document;

birth certificate;

• if one of the applicants was married before, he or she will need to provide relevant documents attesting the termination of the respective marriage

Marriages which will be concluded in Italy by two persons who are both foreign citizens will require the issuance of a declaration that will testify that the respective wedding can take place. The document – nulla ostra al matrimonio, will have to be notarized and translated into Italian

Persons who want to obtain an Italian marriage certificate are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for legal advice on this matter.