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Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution in Italy

Alternative Methods of Dispute Resolution in Italy

Individuals looking to solve civil litigations have access to several alternative methods of dispute resolution in Italy. These practices are sometimes preferable to going to court because they can take place in a private setting and they can be faster and less expensive than a trial.

The experts at our law firm in Italy can help you with arbitrationmediation or conciliation and you can rely on our lawyer’s expertise to solve any type of commercial, business or civil litigation.

Arbitration in Italy

Arbitration is one dispute resolution method that takes place in the presence of a certified arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators. This process is similar to a court hearing but the arbitrators are selected by the parties and they rely on simpler rules for evidence. Business agreements concluded in Italy can include a special arbitration clause in which the parties agree to use this or other dispute resolution methods before taking legal action in court.

Arbitration can be used in employment issues, business disputes, sale or purchase agreements and others. One of our lawyers in Italy can act as a neutral arbitrator should you choose to settle any disputes using this informal method.

Mediation and conciliation in Italy

Mediation is also preferable to litigation and, like arbitration, it relies on the expertise of a trained mediator who will try to reach an agreement that is beneficial for both parties. The mediator will assist and help the parties identify the issues and express their interests. This method can be used complementary with arbitration.

Mediation clauses can be included in any business agreements, however, unlike the arbitration ones they do not provide a final solution: if the parties cannot agree upon a solution following the mediation process, they can always switch to arbitration or decide to take the case to court.

Conciliation is more used in labour disputes and consumer issues. The conciliator acts much in the same way as the mediator: he helps the parties decide upon a mutually satisfactory agreement. Unlike the mediator who tries to help the parties decide for themselves and acts as a partner in finding a solution, the conciliator will propose more direct solutions. 

Attorneys play an important role in representing the best interests of the parties in either of the three alternative dispute resolution methods.

Our lawyers in Italy can also help you with case evaluation or negotiation: an important step in every litigation case.

You can contact our law firm in Italy for more information about mediation or arbitration as well as the legal services we can provide.