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Energy Lawyers in Italy

Energy Lawyers in Italy

Our team of energy lawyers in Italy assists investors in the infrastructure and energy sectors throughout the development of their business activities in the country. Our team specializes in Energy Law in Italy and many other areas of law and also focuses on key legal aspects of energy projects of different sizes, in different parts of the country. As part of our services for these types of companies, we also assist those interested in obtaining energy permits in Italy.

With the legal advice offered by our law firm in Italy, investors in the oil and gas sector, as well as those focused on green energy investments, will benefit from legal assistance throughout the key stages of their business project.

Services offered by our energy lawyers in Italy

Companies that activate in the energy sector are asked to follow a series of different legal provisions, mainly Energy Law in Italy, that focus on energy security. Starting with 2023, Italy’s new Energy Decree also focuses on reducing the country’s energy dependence.

Local and foreign investors interested in exploring the various business opportunities in the energy sector, as well as the new and increasingly more attractive opportunities in the renewable energy sector, can rely on the legal assistance provided by our energy lawyers in Italy. We offer solutions for:

  • obtaining energy licenses in Italy for companies involved in generating energy;
  • permits and licenses for companies involved in the distribution/supply of energy;
  • legal assistance for mergers and acquisitions in the energy sector;
  • specialized assistance for companies interested in entering the renewable energy sector, and other solutions.

Here is an infographic with information about the services provided by our energy lawyers in Italy:

Expert solutions delivered by our Italian lawyers

Companies activating in the oil, gas, and energy sectors can often require an integrated approach to more than one legal matter. A key legal requirement for these companies is obtaining an energy license in Italy – an aspect with which our team can fully assist.

Our team of lawyers in Italy is ready to provide tailored solutions to companies in the energy sector, focused on efficient legal advice and prompt judicial assistance, as needed. We can explain to you the provisions of the Energy Law in Italy and can assist energy companies with the following:

  • contract matters for energy companies: drafting and vetting industry-specific documents;
  • employment matters for companies hiring employees in the energy sector, including hiring foreign experts in Italy;
  • workplace health and safety law for the energy sector;
  • applying for different environmental permits, in addition to obtaining energy permits in Italy;
  • waste management issues, other aspects concerning gas plants or industrial grids;
  • litigation and alternative dispute resolution methods for disputes involving energy companies.

The energy sector in Italy

The energy sector, regulated by the Energy Law in Italy, presents varied opportunities in the natural gas market, as well as the renewable energy sector. As energy in the country is primarily produced from natural gas, working with our energy lawyers in Italy for the purpose of properly licensing a business involved in this sector is important. 

For investors who wish to explore opportunities in the electrical energy sector, the options are varied, as the country has become an important producer in the European Union. Our energy lawyers in Italy can answer key questions about the regulations concerning wind power businesses, as well as the regulations for hydroelectricity or geothermal power plants.

According to the International Energy Agency, Italy is aiming to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and has reduced its CO2 emissions by 26% (between 2000 and 2021). Other data about the total energy supply for 2022 is summarized below by our energy lawyers in Italy:

  • 5.4% of the total energy supply was coal-based;
  • 35.3% was oil-based;
  • natural gas accounted for 40.5% of the total energy supply in 2022;
  • biofuels and waste made up for 10.2% of the total energy supply.

As needed, our lawyers are also able to provide other solutions, such as those related to buying property in Italy.

Our Italian lawyers can give you complete information about the legal framework for companies that activate in the production and supply of energy. Contact us if you wish to invest in the energy sector and need details about the Energy Law in Italy.