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Maritime Law in Italy

Maritime Law in Italy

A part of the foreign entrepreneurs interested in starting a business in Italy are attracted by the maritime sector, one of the most developed in this country that is surrounded by water on three parts of its territory. For the beginning, the foreign entrepreneurs should know a few details about the legislation in the maritime field.

Italy has signed the United Convention on the Law of the Sea (already signed by other 65 countries that represent almost 80% of the total shipping all around the world) that came into force in 2013 and that regulates the coastal zone management. Italy also ratified the UN Convention of Law at Sea that came into force in 1982.

National and international regulations

The Maritime Law in Italy consists in local and international regulations regarding navigation and shipping and mentions piracy or ship hijacking. The Maritime Law in Italy applies to ships flying the Italian flag in local and international waters. The flag that flies on a ship, no matter the region where this is operating, determines the law that is applicable for that ship.

There are a few regulations and laws that regulate the maritime and transport sector in Italy, such as: Codice della Nautica da Diporto, Codice della Navigazione, laws no. 1971-50 and 1997 – 454 etc. If you are interested in details about these laws, you may contact an Italian lawyer.

One of the most important parts of the maritime laws is the Law of Navigation that regulates transport and navigation. This law contains specific regulations related to navigation, territorial waters of Italy, commerce, shipping insurance etc. The crew can be judged according to the Italian laws, if the ship the sailors work for is flying the Italian flag.

Foreign entrepreneurs who are doing business in the Italian maritime sector may contact an attorney in Italy for issues related to loss of cargo, collisions, shipping contracts, naval insurances etc.

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Our law firm in Italy may advice on different legal matters related to Maritime Law and specific issues, as the Italian Guard Coast, the use of the sea for commerce and transportation and the relations with the Italian authorities, such as the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Interior etc.