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Marriage in Italy

Marriage in Italy

The couples who want to get married in Italy should know the legal formalities which are different in case one or both of the spouses are foreign citizens. The people who choose a civil ceremony must respect certain rules which vary according to their nationality. The foreign couples are required to file a declaration of marriage at the town hall in the city they choose for the ceremony, before the date of marriage.

Religious ceremony

If you want to get married at the church, you must firstly ask for the permission of the catholic priest and then present a few documents. It is required an official letter from your priest that will attest that you followed the specific procedures and you are allowed to get married in the church you choose abroad.

Besides this, you need a letter signed by the archbishop or vicar of your parish that will attest the same as the previous letter. You are also required to present certificates of first communion, baptism and confirmation and to file an application if one of the spouses is not Catholic. You maybe asked to present other documents too and you should ask for them the priest who will officiate the marriage.

All these documents are necessary only for persons who have not been married before and who are allowed to get married in a Catholic church. The divorced people are not allowed to marry again at the Catholic church, except the case when they obtain an annulment of the previous marriage recognized by the church.

The civil ceremony

For the legal ceremony, you will also need a few documents, especially those proving your identity. The non-residents and foreigners who want to get married in Italy must present the following documents:

– passports of the spouses,
– certificate of non-impediment,
– nulla osta – a certificate that can be issued by the consulate and which offers the permission to get married in Italy,
– divorce or widow proof (in certain cases),
– proof of legal entry in Italy for citizens that come from countries outside Europe.

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