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Manufacture and Sell Textile Products in Italy

Manufacture and Sell Textile Products in Italy

The textile industry is one of the most important industries in Italy. It is well-known at European and also at global level. Italian companies selling fabrics and textiles register success after success thanks to the high-quality of their products. Italy also cooperates with many East European countries when it comes to manufacturing of clothing because of the lower labor costs countries like Romania and Bulgaria offer, that is why the textile industry is one of the key components of the European Union’s economy.

The structure of the textile industry in Italy

The Italian textile industry is among the most developed industries in the country and provides many investment possibilities to foreign investors. Among the most successful branches of the textile industry in Italy, there is the manufacture of:

  • • clothing items,
  • • fur items,
  • • leather items,
  • • sportswear,
  • • knitwear items,
  • • weaving,
  • • clothing accessories.

The following video offers a short presentation on the textile industry in Italy:

The Italian Trade Promotion Agency is the main governmental organization providing support to foreign companies opening clothing companies in Italy. Together with the Ministry for Economic Development, Italian and foreign companies may benefit from specialized advice on investment incentives in the textile industry. Businessmen interested in setting up a clothing company in Italy may also verify that all the licensing requirements with the Italian Association of Textile and Apparel Manufacturers and Related Industries are met.

How to set up a clothing company in Italy

The first step to open a clothing company is to register the company with the Italian Companies Register. In order to do that, the founders must first draft the articles of association for the new company. A very important step is to select the appropriate NACE code within the European Nomenclature of Activities. Among the available NACE codes for manufacturing or selling textiles in Italy, there are:

  • – in Section D, subsection DB 17 for manufacturing textiles, 17.11 for preparation and spinning cotton-type fibers,
  • – 17.16 for manufacturing sewing threads,
  • – 17.2 for textile weaving,
  • – 17.3 for finishing of textiles,
  • – 17.4 for manufacturing made-up textile articles,
  • – 17.51 for manufacturing carpets and rugs,
  • – 17.6 for manufacturing knitwear,
  • – subsection DC  for manufacturing leather clothes.

For an extensive list of all the available NACE codes and also if you need help with the company registration procedure, please contact our lawyers in Italy.