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Open a Casino in Italy

Open a Casino in Italy

As the number of online gaming facilities has increased all over Europe during the last years, Italy was compelled to modify its legislation with respect to gambling activities. Due to these changes, many foreign online games operators have shifted their attention towards Italy. The new Italian laws on gambling have legalized the utilization of new technologies in the betting industry and also facilitate the authorization of foreign companies setting up casinos in the country.

Regulations for setting up casinos in Italy

Casino licenses are issued by the State Monopoly Independent Administration (Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato) in ItalyForeign operators wanting to open casinos in Italy are required to obtain concessions for online games and betting, according to Law no. 88/2009 on the compliance with obligations for EU member states. The concessions issued by the Italian State Monopoly Independent Administration cover a wide range of gaming operations, among which:

  • – betting,
  • – horse racing,
  • – skill games,
  • – fixed odds betting,
  • – bingo,
  • – lotteries.

The applicant must respect the following requirements in order to be provided with a concession to open a casino in Italy:

  • – the applicant must have a valid authorization issued in an EU member state,
  • – the applicant’s turnover for the last two years must be at least 1,500,000 euros,
  • – the company must be registered within an EU country,
  • – the chairman of the board and the directors of the company must ensure the reliability and professional requirements as established by the law,
  • – pay a concession fee of 300,000 euros plus VAT.

Casinos applying for concessions for bingo operations are required to pay a 50,000 euros fee.

NACE codes for casino operations in Italy

Before applying for the concession, the foreign operator must first register with the Italian Companies Register and tax authorities. Considering casino operation imply an economic activity, one must select the NACE code available for these types of activities. Within Section O for other community, social and personal service activities, there are:

  • – 92.34 other entertainment activities,
  • – 92.7 other recreational activities,
  • – 92.71 gambling and betting activities.

Our Italian lawyers may help you set up a casino. You can also contact us for details about the taxation of gaming activities in Italy.