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Lawyers in Italy

Starting a business or simply moving to Italy can be easy when you have a team of professional lawyers working for you. With a vast experience in all legal areas, our Italian attorneys are ready to provide assistance in both civil and corporate matters.  

Our law firm in Italy is LEXIA Avvocati, with offices in Milan, Rome, and Palermo. We provide complete legal services that include litigation and arbitration, finance, corporate and tax services, fintech and blockchain legal counseling as well as insolvency and restructuring services. Contact our Rome lawyers for more details about our legal services. 

 Quick Facts  
How can our lawyers in Italy help you start a business?

Our local experts can draft the required documents, submit for registration, help you prepare the internal and general business rules for the company.

Services offered by our lawyers in Italy

We represent clients for:

– company formation,

– tax registration,

– property purchase,

– debt collection,

– litigation, 

– trademark registration,

– contractual and employment issues

Representation for divorce cases

Couples can file for divorce after a 6-months period of separation by mutual consent.

Support for licenses and permits  For activities for which specific licenses and permits are required
Legal advice for commercial disputes  

– contractual issues,

– employment disputes,

– intellectual property problems,

– supply chain disputes, etc.

Power of attorney

Our lawyers in Italy can represent clients with a power of attorney for opening a firm/ a bank account, drafting specific documents, buying a property.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation Company liquidation in Italy can be made voluntary or with a court order.
Tax advice and planning On request
Wealth management

Personalized financial plans can be offered to high-net-worth individuals in Italy.

We manage immigration issues 

For clients interested in visa for Italy, residence permit, work permit or citizenship

Representation for Family Law cases

We can manage cases like child custody or adoption, domestic abuse, family issues, minors and tutors.

Free case evaluation  (YES/NO)


Reasons to choose our law firm in Italy

Clients can rely on professionalism, communication, affordable prices for tailored legal services.

We also work together with accontants in order to provide complete services for international customers. All services offered to clients will be personalized in order to have the customers’ best interest in sight.

Our awards and affiliations 

LEXIA Avvocati is a partner of:

– The Italian Stock Exchange Elite Program (starting with 2018) for assisting SMEs that will be listed with the Stock Exchange;

– Invest in Lombardy Agency for assisting foreign investors who want to open a business in the region.

The company is also a member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Italy.

LEXIA Avvocati received the following nominations:

– 2016: nomination by Top Legal Awards for the Most Innovative Law Firm in Italy;

– 2018: nominated by Top Legal Awards as a finalist for two categories: Law firm of the year in the innovation category and Law firm of the year.

LEXIA Avvocati is also one of the companies present on the International Comparative Legal Guides, a dedicated legal website. 

Why choose our law firm in Italy?

Our lawyers in Italy are focused on offering the proper services and they will always respond to clients’ inquires in a timely manner in order for them to fully understand the steps or actions to take. Our services are addressed to all foreign or local citizens and investors coming to Italy to work or start a business. Requesting the services of a law firm in Italy is a common practice nowadays especially with all the updates of the legislation in all areas, but also because of the new laws that are introduced by the local authorities. 

Below you can watch a video about the legal services provided by our Rome lawyers to international clients interested in doing business in Italy:

How can a foreign investor start a business in Italy?

Starting a business is easy when you know beforehand what to expect and what our Italian lawyers are ready to offer for company registrationOur lawyer in Italy will first explain in detail the types of companies available for registration and their advantages.

Once the clients understand all the requirements of the Commercial Code and the documents they need to supply for registrationour lawyers can draft the required documents and submit them with the Italian Trade RegisterCompany incorporation can also be done by granting the power of attorney to our Rome lawyers, thus gaining more time with other preparations.

What are the main types of companies to be incorporated by our lawyer in Italy?  

Foreign businessmen who want to open a company in Italy can choose from all the legal entities prescribed by the Italian legislation

  • joint stock company – in order to start this type of company, it is necessary to deposit a capital of EUR 120,000, and a quarter of this amount has to be deposited prior to the incorporation;
  • general partnership – this business form will require at least two partners (represented by two natural persons or legal entities), who have to sign an agreement document;
  • limited partnership –  the legal entity is set up following the same procedures applicable to the general partnership, with the main difference that one of the partners will have to assume limited liability concerning the company’s debts;
  • branch office/ subsidiary –  foreign companies can also expand on the local market through a branch office or a subsidiary;
  • limited liability company – the most common type of company.   

Interested in buying a property in Italy as a foreigner? There are no restrictions in this sense, and those who want to take this step should collaborate with our Italian lawyers. They can deal with real estate due diligence. In this way, possible legal problems can be detected, as well as the measures that can be taken to solve them. We can take care of the necessary documents, namely the sale-purchase contract that must be verified from a legal point of view.

How can our Italian lawyers assist in intellectual property matters? 

Our Italian lawyers can advise on the intellectual property regulations applicable here, a matter which can concern any local or foreign companyIntellectual property covers a wide set of intellectual assets, from trademarks, patents, copyrights, designs, domain names and others and they can be effectively covered under the Italian legislation provided that certain conditions are met (payment of the annual fee, for example). 

In Italy, a patent is protected for a period of 20 years starting with the registration date, while trademarks are protected under the local law for a period of 10 years. The registration is completed by the Patents and Trademarks Office in Italy, and our Rome lawyerscan assist with advice on the documents that have to be submitted in this case.   

How can one apply for the investor visa in Italy? 

Foreign investors who are citizens of the European Union (EU) do not need an investor visa for entering commercial activities in Italy. However, this is required for non-EU investors, who can apply for several types of visas. One of the available visas is the Investor Visa for Italy – issued for a period oftwo yearsForeign businessmen can apply for this type of visa through the Investor Visa for Italy Committee

In order to beeligible for the Investor Visa program, which was launched inDecember 2017, the investors will need to make certain investments on theItalian market. For example, one of the minimum requirements is to invest a total of EUR 500,000 in an Italian start-up or EUR 1 million in a limited liability company. The latter threshold is also applicable toinvestments in philanthropic activities. 

If one of the above mentioned conditions are met, the investors will be able toapply for a residence permit, which has thesame validity period as the visa and it can berenewed for other three years, provided that the investments will still meet the same thresholds. 

Which are the benefits of the Italian visa for non-EU nationals? 

Persons requesting to apply for the Investor Visa in Italy program can benefit from numerous tax advantages – tax reductions ranging from 50% to 90% from the tax base. At the same time, the program allows the investors to request for family reunification in Italy for certain family members, cases presented by our Rome lawyers

  • investor’s spouse, as long as they are not legally separated and the respective person has an age above 18 years old;
  • minor children (under the age 18 years old) or children with an age above 18 years, who are financially dependent on the parents due to health reasons;
  • the parents of the investor who aredependent on their child, in the situation in which they do not have any other children;
  • the investor’s dependent parents, who have an age above 65 years old. 

How can our lawyers assist in litigation matters in Italy? 

Our law firm in Italy is also prepared to providelegal assistance in litigation matters for corporate entities and may also assist in divorce and child custody proceduresOur lawyers will represent clients before theItalian specialized courts and will make sure they have all the necessary legal support at any time during the proceedings. 

If possible, our Italian lawyers will recommend mediation and will provide clients with alternative dispute resolution solutions. Our Italian attorneys will also assist clients in corporate litigation matters such as debt collectioncompany liquidation or bankruptcy. 

How can our Italian lawyers assist in accounting procedures? 

Accounting is one of the most important parts of running a business and our lawyers in Italy can explain how the country’s taxation system works. Considering Italian companiesare required to register for taxation purposes, it is recommended to first verify these requirements with our Rome lawyers. Additionally, our partner accountants will provide specialized accounting services, including tax efficient planning solutions.

The Italian judicial system

The Italian judiciary system is comprised of a wide category of courts that are set up in order to handle specific types of cases. The legal system in Italy, which can be detailed by our team of Italian lawyers, is made out ofcivil and criminal courts, the administrative and accounting branch, military courts and courts created for handling taxation matters. Thelegal system is also comprised of the following:

  • courts of first instance, which are created to hear minor civil and criminal matters;
  • the first instance courts also include a special category for hearing cases related to minors in Italy, the Juvenile Court;
  • appeal courts and penal tribunals, known assecond instance courts;
  • the Court of Cassation (or the Supreme Court), which is thehighest court in Italy.

Litigation cases in Italy can also be tried by justices of peace or by the Arbitration Court. For legal representation in any of the above mentioned Italian courts, our team of lawyers in Italy have an in-depth experience and necessary expertise to handle any legal matter. 

The courts of first instance will usually hear large commercial disputes and in 2012 their competence has been extended over matters such asindustrial and intellectual property, shareholders disputes, challenges to corporate decisions. These courts are also entitled to handle work related disputes between employers and employees in Italy. 

For personalized offers for company registration or questions related to the legal system, please contact our law firm in Italy