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Lawyers in Palermo

Lawyers in Palermo

Our lawyers in Palermo can help foreigners register a business in Italy, purchase properties, represent clients in the courts of laws, among others. We suggest those interested get in touch with us for legal advice and assistance, including representation with a power of attorney. Also, our immigration lawyers in Italy can help foreigners relocate to Italy by managing tne formalities implicated in the process. Below you can discover some of our legal services you can benefitr from.

Opening a business in Palermo  

Foreigners who want to open a company in Palermo will need to follow a set of steps, compulsory for all companies registered in Italy, but also to complete specific actions, which can be determined by the characteristics of the respective business. Our team of attorneys in Palermo can assist foreign businessmen with advice on this aspect, and can represent investors in the relation with the Italian institutions, provided that the businessmen have granted the power of attorney to our representatives. 

Obtaining business permits in Palermo  

Depending on the company’s object of activity, the businessmen will need to obtain special permits and licenses, which will attest the right of performing those commercial activities in accordance with the regulations imposed by the Italian authorities

Opening a branch vs. a subsidiary in Palermo  

Foreign businesses can enter the Italian market through a branch or a subsidiary, depending on the company’s investment strategies. The subsidiary is an independent legal entity from the parent company, liable to registration and taxation in Italy in accordance with the requirements established for Italian businesses, while the branch is representing the parent company’s investment strategies. Investors may find out more details from our team of attorneys in Italy

At the same time, it is important to know that our law firm in Palermo is entitled to provide legal advice and representation for any matter concerning the Italian Civil Law, including the legal aspects related to obtaining the permanent residency in Italy, which is also a necessary step for investors who are planning to live in this country. 

Divorce lawyer in Palermo

If you are interested in the divorce procedure in Italy, we recommend that you contact our lawyers in Palermo. There are two divorce procedures in Italy, the first by mutual consent and the second by judicial separation. Once you discuss the legal aspects with us, you will be able to benefit from information about child custody, if applicable, the division of assets accumulated during the marriage, child support, and more.

We also deal with the separation of civil partnerships in Italy, taking into account the legislation of the countries from which the partners come. Normally, the time frame for divorce in Italy should not exceed 12 months. You can talk more about these aspects with our divorce lawyers in Palermo.

Legal advice for buying a house in Italy

If you are interested in buying a property in Italy, you can count on our support for such a purchase. We assure our clients that all the documents involved in this process are legally correct and that there are no unresolved disputes. Here are some steps in this endeavor:

  • Documents are checked from a legal point of view.
  • An inspection trip is necessary before buying a house in Italy.
  • A pre-sale agreement is signed, and part of the payment is to be made to reserve the chosen property.
  • The deed of sale and purchase of the property is signed in front of the public notary.

If you cannot be present at the property transfer, our lawyers in Palermo can represent you with a power of attorney.

Legal advice for tax registration in Italy

Our lawyers in Palermo have experience in the financial field and more precisely with the taxation system in this country. Thus, there are a series of procedures that must be initiated when a company is established, in terms of registration for the payment of taxes.

We mention that corporate tax rates and VAT are the most important taxes, which must be paid by both local and foreign companies. And in this case, we recommend that you request the services of our tax advisors in Palermo.

On the other hand, you can work with us if you want to immigrate to Italy.

Legal support for commercial disputes

If you are involved in commercial disputes, we suggest the legal services offered by our law firm. Such disputes may involve mediation and conciliation to solve business problems. Once the problems are identified and the interests expressed in this sense, ways of mediating the respective conflict will be proposed. If they are not accepted, the respective case may come to the attention of a court of law.

Debt collection in Italy

Debt collection can be quite complicated without specialist help. Our lawyers in Palermo can explain to you what the amicable debt recovery procedure is and what the steps are for recovering the outstanding amounts of money. The amicable procedure is much more recommended in exchange for those who go to court because it does not consume time, and the formalities are quite simple.

Choosing our lawyers in Palermo

We have the necessary experience in various aspects of the legislation and we can represent our clients in different problems they face. You can count on professionalism, efficiency, communication, and transparency when you collaborate with us.

If you are interested in starting a business in Italy, the following statistical data may attract you:

  • There were over 1.49 million companies in the wholesale and retail sector in Italy in 2020.
  • In the same year, more than 832,000 companies were registered in the field of construction.
  • The manufacturing sector registered around 548,000 companies in the same year.

We invite natural persons and legal entities to contact our law firm in Italy for more details on the legal system available here.