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Set up an Amazon Store in Italy

Set up an Amazon Store in Italy

The e-commerce industry in Italy has a total value of more than EUR 20 billion (at the level of 2017). In 2016, the sale of products and services provided by online companies reached EUR 19.6 billion. Also, in 2016, Italy had 12.9 million online shoppers (frequent users), who made purchases of more than EUR 1,000 per person

Thus, this sector provides numerous business opportunities for those who want to establish an online business, one of the ways of entering this market being by registering an Amazon store. The registration of an online shop requires the investors to incorporate a legal entity, as prescribed by the local commercial legislation and our team of Italian lawyers may assist in this process. 

Characteristics of the Italian online shoppers

The largest group of persons who perform purchases on online platforms is represented by those with an age between 35-44 years

Investors who want to set up a company as an Amazon store must know that most of the Italian shoppers completed their activities by using smartphones, which is the most preferred device

Also, numerous shoppers prefer to use shopping applications on their mobile phones, and the Amazon platform is situated amongst the most popular applications in Italy

Compulsory requirements for an Amazon store

Just like in the case of any other website that sells various goods and services, the company’s representatives should offer a secure platform for completing financial transactions

There are several options in this sense: one refers to setting up a PayPal account, and the other is to establish a merchant account. Both types of accounts provide similar services, but it is important to know that PayPal is the top preferrence of the Italian consumers

In 2016, 45% of the online transactions were concluded through PayPal accountsOur team of lawyers in Italy can assist with information on the main requirements for setting up one of the above mentioned platforms. 

In the same year, the highest share of the e-commerce revenues derived from the delivery of online services (54%), while the sale of products and goods represented 46%

Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for in-depth assistance on the registration of an Amazon store