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Obtain a Birth Certificate in Italy

Obtain a Birth Certificate in Italy

Natural persons who are citizens of Italy, as well as foreign citizens related to an Italian national, may obtain an Italian birth certificate, issued for a wide range of legal reasons. The birth certificate can be issued for those who are applying for dual citizenship in Italy, as well as for any other relevant aspects that must be fulfilled during a legal procedure, such as the registration requirements applicable for the birth of a child in ItalyOur team of lawyers in Italy can offer legal advice and assistance to those who want to obtain a birth certificate in this country.

Requesting a birth certificate in Italy  

Those who are in need of a birth certificate in Italy (certificato di nascita) can request the issuance of the document at the Registrar of Vital Statistics. The application should be made at the office representing the region or municipality where the person was born. 

In order to obtain a birth certificate in Italy, the applicant is required to provide as many relevant information as possible, such as: 


birth date;

• the names of the parents;

• the name the applicant received at birth;

• relevant documents attesting the family relations between the applicant and the parents. 

It is important to provide all the above mentioned information, as the Italian Registrars may be unable to provide a birth certificate if relevant details can’t be confirmed. Our team of attorneys in Italy can offer advice on this procedure. 

Obtaining a birth certificate for a new-born in Italy 

The parents of children born in Italy will need to start the procedure of obtaining a birth certificate immediately after the child was born on the Italian territory

The procedure starts by declaring the birth at the Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths (Registro Communale dello Stato Civile). 

The declaration of birth can be performed by either one of the parents or by one of the persons who have been involved during the delivery and it must be completed through a birth declaration that can be completed in the hospital or at the town hall (the declaration is made orally). 

Please mind that if both parents are foreigners, the child can’t be granted with the Italian nationality. However, the child can obtain the Italian nationality if one of the parents is an Italian citizen

Persons who need further information on the procedure related to obtaining an Italian birth certificate are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for more details.