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Open a Transportation Company in Italy

Open a Transportation Company in Italy

Italian companies operating vehicles weighing over 3.5 tons are required to obtain certain authorizations and permits with the Transport Regulatory Authority (Autorita di Regulazione dei Transporti). As an EU member state, Italy has aligned its transport legislation with the relevant EU Directives on national and international regulations with respect to public and private transportation.

Transport legislation in Italy

All transportation companies in Italy are subject to several regulations with respect to driving public, private and cargo transportation means. The main laws referring to transportation companies in Italy are:

  • – Decree No. 201 last modified at the end of 2011 and enforced in 2013 on the liberalization of the public transport sector,
  • – Decree No. 1 of 2012 for railway transport,
  • – Law No. 481 for the promotion of competition and efficiency in the public transport sector,
  • – the Legislative Decree No. 70 of 2014 with respect to the rights and obligations of passengers traveling by train,
  • – the Legislative Decree No. 169 of 2014 with respect to the rights and obligations of passengers traveling in public transportation means in Italy.

The last two legal frameworks have been amended in order to correspond with the latest EU directives on public transportation. For information about the latest changes brought to the transport legislation, you may refer to our law firm in Italy.

Register a transportation company in Italy

The first step to set up a transportation company is to register the company with the Italian Companies Registrar by submitting all the required documents. The next step will be to obtain the special licenses from the Italian Transport Authority depending on the activity to be carried out.

It must also be taken into consideration the appropriate NACE code for conducting transportation activities in Italy. According to the Nomenclature of Economic Activities, under Section I for transport, storage and communication, a company may select one of the following codes:

  • – 60 for land transport,
  • – 60.10 for transport via railways,
  • – 60.21 for scheduled passenger land transport,
  • – 60.22 for taxi operations,
  • – 60.24 for freight transport by road,
  • – 60.30 for transport via pipelines,
  • – 61 for water transport,
  • – 62 for air transport,
  • – 63 for supporting and auxiliary transport activities,
  • – 63.1 for cargo handling and storage,
  • – 63.21 for supporting land transport activities,
  • – 63.3 for transport activities of travel agencies and tour operators.

For details about obtaining an EU Driver Certificate of Professional Competence, you may contact our lawyers in Italy.