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Civil and Commercial Liability in Italy

Civil and Commercial Liability in Italy

When businesses in Italy engage in various activities there is a chance of occurrence for various types of damages or injuries that can happen to another party due to an action or the negligence of a company representative. Likewise, manufacturing companies can be accused of product malfunctioning or defective design.

Our lawyers in Italy can help you protect yourself and your business against general commercial liability through special insurance policies with various levels of coverage. In case of any litigation, our lawyers can also help you with legal representation. 

Commercial liability in Italy

When opening a company in Italy, liability can refer to the duties and obligations of the shareholders who invest in that company and use their assets to do so. There are several types of business structures in Italy that provide limited liability for their investors but in other cases, like for the sole proprietorship, there will be no distinction between the liability of the company and the liability of the individual.

The private limited company and the joint-stock company are the two business forms with limited liability in Italy. This means that the shareholders are only liable to the extent of the assets they invest in the company.

Companies in Italy can be accused of general liability for personal injury, bodily injuries, property damages caused by the activities of the business or its representatives or those that occur on the businesses’ premises.

If your business is involved in a lawsuit for commercial liability our lawyers specialized in commercial law in Italy can help you with advice or legal representation, as needed.

Civil liability in Italy

Civil liability cases in Italy occur when an individual was injured or suffered damages as the result of the actions of others or their negligence. It is customary for the injured party to claim compensations in these cases and a lawyer in Italy can help negotiate and reach a convenient settlement.

This law can concern accidents that happen on construction sites, while driving or while managing real estate in Italy. A lawyer specialized in civil law can help you understand how these cases are settled in court and whether or not the defendant can also be accused of criminal liability.

Contact our law firm in Italy for more information about the laws in force and legal representation in court.