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Construction Law in Italy

Construction Law in Italy

When building a new construction in Italy, the investors will have to follow a specific set of procedures. Although the procedures are not necessarily complicated, there are many permits which must be issued by various state institutions, which will attest that the construction site is set out in accordance with the Construction Law applicable in Italy. Businessmen interested in the construction sector in Italy can receive an in-depth presentation on the requirements of the Construction Law from our team of Italian attorneys

Compulsory steps for construction projects in Italy 

Investors who are interested in opening a company in Italy which carries operations in the construction sector should become familiar with the applicable legislation regulating this industry. The local law requires the completion of several steps, detailed below. Our team of Italian lawyers can provide more details on how to register a building company here. 

The businessmen will need to obtain the following permits or authorizations: 

• a seismic authorization issued by the Regional Technical Office, as prescribed by the Lazio Regional Regulation, which was imposed in 2013;

• a building permit, issued by the Municipal Agency – in this sense, the investor needs to submit a registration at the one-stop shop; 

• it is compulsory to receive the assistance of an independent architect, who will verify the structure of the building;

• a certified notification for the commencement of the activities, issued by the Fire Department;

• an occupancy certificate from the Municipal Agency;

register the building at the Land Registry and Cadastral Office;

• connect with the city’s water and sewage system;

• receive inspections from the Fire Department and water and sewage institutions. 

Construction legislation applicable in Italy 

The construction sector is sustained by the Italian government, which is interested in developing this industry. One of the main regulations referring to the Construction Law is the Decree Law no. 133, issued in 2014, which has liberalised several provisions referring to leases for large commercial deals. 

The most important regulation referring to the construction sector is the Italian Civic Code, section 1655

Persons who are interested in receiving more details on the Construction Law in Italy can address to our Italian law firm for assistance.