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Open a Shop in Italy

Open a Shop in Italy

Although the e-commerce is developing at a very fast pace, traditional shopping (completed through regular shops) is still an important way of perfoming a business activity, especially in the large commercial centers. When opening a company in Italy that will perform its activities through a shop, the businessmen will have to complete specific activites. For example, it is necessary to find a suitable location for the shopSmall or large commercial spaces are available for rent in Italy, and our team of Italian lawyers can advise on the legal requirements of a contract signed in this sense. 

Size of the shop in Italy  

Depending on the types of activities carried out by the company in Italy, the investors will have to find a suitable location. A small location could be a perfect way of starting a business in the case of small companies, but this will depend on the sales volumes the company estimates will have on the local market. As a general rule, it is better to rent a larger space, to have sufficient room in order to decorate the shop in a manner that will best present the company’s products

Demand in Italy  

A crucial aspect that should be tested prior to starting the business activities refers to the internal demand for the products sold by the company. This can be verified by analyzing the commercial activities of similar companies, which can be obtained from the local institutions. 

Analyze the costs of the Italian shop  

When conducting activities through a shop, besides the monthly rent, the investors will have to take into consideration the costs associated with the company’s employeesutilitiesmarketing and other similar corporate matters. Our team of Italian lawyers can further advise on this subject. 

Legislation in Italy  

Another important aspect refers to the regulations that can be imposed for shops in Italy. Businessmen may need special permits and licenses if the company’s products are imported from another country. Also, the company will have to respect the opening hours in which shops can carry their operations and if the store provides foodstuff products, the company will require licenses issued by the local health authorities

Investors are invited to contact our law firm in Italy for in-depth assistance on the registration of a shopOur attorneys can provide tailored assistance, in accordance with the specific business operations of the Italian store