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Set up a Hotel in Italy

Set up a Hotel in Italy

The hotel industry in Italy has been steadily increasing since 2015 in terms of revenues. In 2015, the accommodation sector in Italy had a total value of $19,044 million and in 2017, the market was estimated at $19,358. By 2020, the projections are showing that the industry will further grow, reaching $19,948. 

Businessmen who want to open a company in Italy as an accommodation unit should know that this market represents a developed and reliable business activity and the number of investors that choose this country for investment purposes increased in 2016 by 4.3%. Our team of lawyers in Italy can assist with advice on the business permits that are required for an accommodation unit

What are the legal requirements for opening an Italian hotel? 

Besides the standard registration procedure, which is comprised of choosing a legal entity for the Italian hotel, registering with the tax authorities, obtaining a corporate tax number and opening a bank account, hotel units are required to comply with a set of standards, by obtaining various business licensesOur team of Italian lawyers can offer legal assistance and legal representation on the following: 

  • • implementing a suitable waste management system, which must follow specific regulations on the collection, disposal and storage of various types of waste (solid, organic, liquid);
  • hotels in Italy must also comply with regulations concerning noise for various types of establishments (kitchen, lobby areas, garages, event rooms and others);
  • • registration with the environmental health department and thus, implementing the regulations of the Food Safety Act
  • • respecting the regulations of the Licensing Act 1964 in relation with the sale of alcoholic beverages within the premises of the hotel. 

Reasons to invest in the Italian hotel sector

The Italian hospitality sector is strongly linked with the tourism sector, and these two branches of activity are of high importance for the local economy. At the level of 2016, tourism and hospitality accounted for 11.1% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), increasing from a rate of 8.6% (in 2011). 

In 2016, hotels in Italy have accommodated 117 million tourists, increasing on a year-to-year basis by 3.1%. Investors should also know that the demand of foreign visitors for accommodation in Italy is growing; businessmen are invited to address to our law firm in Italy for more details on the regulations addressed to the Italian accommodation sector