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Set Up a Travel Agency in Italy

Set Up a Travel Agency in Italy

Set-Up-a-Travel-Agency-in-ItalyAccording to the Italian legislation, the first step to open a travel agency is to obtain a license and fulfill certain requirements. Also, compared to other EU countries, each Italian province has its own regulations related to granting travel agency licenses. The general rule is that a travel agency may carry out two types of activities:

  • – organizing and providing accommodation and other travel services,
  • – intermediation services through which they sell accommodation and travel services.

Italian companies are allowed to apply for one or both types of activities.

Licensing procedure for Italian travel agencies

As a general rule, all Italian companies applying for a travel agency license must file an application with the relevant authority within the province office. Among the information they are required to provide are:

  • – the business name, legal address and type of company,
  • – the identity of the directors,
  • – the plan of the location,
  • – cadastral and health certificate.

Other information may also be requested, depending on the region the travel agency will operate in. In Tuscany, for example, the registration of a travel agency is quite a straight and simple procedure and the company may start operating after proving all the legal requirements have been met.

Insurance requirements for Italian travel agencies

According to the Legislative Decree No. 206 of 2005, all travel packages provided by Italian companies operating as travel agencies must fulfill certain financial requirements in order to carry out their business. All travel agencies must have an insurance policy that covers all customers’ impairments in case of failure to fulfill their contractual duties. Italian travel agencies are also required to pay 2% of their annual insurance premium to the National Guarantee Fund.

NACE codes for travel agencies in Italy

The following NACE codes may be used by Italian companies in their travel agency activities:

  • – Section I 63 for activities of travel agencies,
  • – 63.3 for activities of travel agencies and tour operators,
  • – 63.0 for activities of travel agencies, tour operators and tourist assistance activities.

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