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Criminal Lawyer in Italy

Criminal Lawyer in Italy

A criminal lawyer in Italy can help people facing charges such as manslaughter, sexual offenses, domestic violence, illegal immigration, malpractice, and road traffic offenses, among others. With the help of our team of specialists, you can benefit from specialized legal advice, regardless of the case in which you are involved.

In what cases can an Italian criminal lawyer help you?

Cases of murder, family violence, traffic offenses, fraud, and money laundering are some of the criminal cases that come to the attention of our lawyers. Such accusations can affect the image of an individual and even the lives of those around them, the family, etc. Therefore, with a specialist in the field, you can better understand what your rights are and what needs to be done to get rid of such accusations.

Regardless of whether you are guilty or not, it is very important to consider the specialized legal support offered by our criminal lawyers in Italy.

Representation before the authorities

Accusations of crime can come with the arrest of the person in question and his detention in police custody for a few hours or days. A good lawyer will know how to represent his/her client, explain the rights and propose a series of strategies for his release from police custody.

On the other hand, if the presented case is more complicated than it seems, then it is possible to proceed before the judge. Thus, you will need specialized legal advice at the court, courthouse, and any other courts of law where criminal cases are judged. Count on the legal support offered by our criminal lawyer in Italy.

Is legal aid available in Italy?

Free legal aid is available in Italy and can be requested in certain circumstances and conditions. For example, if you are accused of a certain crime, but cannot afford a lawyer from a financial point of view, then you may be a good candidate for legal aid. In this case, it will be taken into account if there is income, what social situation there is, and other such aspects. We advise you to contact our Italian criminal lawyers if you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, with serious accusations brought against you.

Urgent legal advice from our Italian lawyers

Our English-speaking local lawyers in Italy are at your disposal at any time, regardless of the accusations brought against you or the unpleasant situation you find yourself in, for example in police custody. You have the right to be represented by a lawyer and also not to answer the police officer’s questions until your lawyer is also present.

We specify that we can also represent foreign clients who have problems with the law on Italian territory. We will be able to offer the necessary legal support and optimal defense strategies, regardless of the charges brought or the case presented. On the other hand, if you are interested in buying a house in Italy we can direct you to the department of lawyers in charge of this endeavor.

Illegal immigration requires legal representation

There are quite a few cases of illegal crossing of borders in Italy and the detention of people involved in such situations. Things are complicated anyway and therefore specialist legal advice is needed. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you request the help of our criminal lawyer in Italy.

Here are some statistical data about criminal offences in Italy:

  • The homicide rate for Italy in 2021 was around 0.5 cases per 100,000 population.
  • private car theft rate for Italy was approximately 169.8 cases per 100,000 population, in 2020.
  • In the same year, 2020, Italy registered a burglary rate of about 184 cases per 100,000 population.

Looking for a criminal lawyer in Italy to help you with the accusations that have been brought to you? We suggest you contact our law firm in Italy and ask for legal assistance for your case.