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Business Consulting in Italy

Business Consulting in Italy

Our lawyers offer business consultancy services for foreign investors wanting to start a company in Italy.  Consultancy services are provided for all clients looking for a first point of contact when they need details about company incorporation in Italy. Our business consultants work together with our accounting staff that will provide consultancy on accounting matters.

Corporate consultancy in Italy offered by an Italian law firm

Our business consultants will assist clients with the incorporation of the following types of Italian companies:

  • – limited liability company,
  • – stock corporation,
  • – general partnership,
  • – limited liability partnership.

Foreign companies can also register subsidiaries or branches in Italy.  Our Italian law firm can provide you information about the Companies Law regulations on the shareholding structure, the share capital and the documents that must be submitted with the Companies Register in Italy.

Legal consulting services in Italy provided by Italian lawyers

Our lawyers in Italy can also provide legal assistance in civil matters, such as employment disputes, marriage registration, dissolution of companies ordebt recovery proceduresOur legal team can provide clients all the information about how to obatin residence permits in Italy or work permits. Clients also have the possibility to rely on our lawyers for any litigation matters or intellectual property rights violations.

Financial consultancy in Italy

Our accountants in Italy can explain the taxation system, how companies can register for taxation purposes and what the corporate tax rates are. Additionally, our accounting consultants can provide you details about other taxes in Italy such as: VAT, the income tax or the deductions obtained through the double taxation agreements Italy has with numerous countries.

Buying a property in Italy is a fairly simple process, especially if you seek legal help from our Italian lawyers. They can deal with the preparation of the necessary documents, as well as the verification of those related to the property that a client wants to buy. Our specialists can check the properties at the local institutions and can also supervise the necessary inspections before the purchase. Discuss with us all the legal aspects and contact us if you are interested in this approach.

Real estate consultancy in Italy

The Italian real estate market provides good investment opportunities for foreign businessmen and our business consultants will offer you all the relevant information regarding making property purchases. Our lawyers in Italy can help you choose the right property, draft the documents needed to conclude the sale-purchase contract and can guide you through property registration with the Italian Land Register.

You can contact our Italian law firm for customized business solutions regarding company incorporation.